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TRANSFORMING AND UNDERSTANDING YOUR BODY IMAGE The Way that you feel about your inner self is revealed by how you exhibit, think, communicate about your body. Images and negative thoughts are reminders of painful experiences, social and cultural biases.

Our society presents us with visual messages that if we are not appearing as the latest image fashion, or the perfect size it is impossible to be happy. Many of us spend much of our lives comparing our bodies to others and media images. No matter what our body size, we have learned to use negative body image to keep ourselves from doing what we love and from living a full life.

Discover how cultural images have influenced your negative self talk and body image Change the way your think, see and exhibit your body. Recognize how you use clothing, exercise, shopping, food and relationships to rid negative body image. Experience a new sense of self. Throughout your individual counseling plan you will have opportunities to develop a nurturing connection with your body.