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Understanding and Remembering our Dreams
All of us dream every night yet may not remember the dream or comprehend the meaning the dream. Using both verbal and art therapy as a way to approach our dreams through imagery, may be used as a tool to understand our experience. Choosing art materials to express the feeling of the dream allows the dreamer to work with the dream rather than to just interpret a concrete definition. When vocalizing about dreams we have a tendency to reduce them to a specific message rather than explore a deeper personal meaning. Instead of attempting to solve the dream, if we explore a relationship with the dream we will have a clearer understanding of our personal dream path. Freeing our unconscious and taking steps to remember our dreams brings us more in touch with our emotions, subconscious and intuition.

The majority of people have experienced nightmares, or have experienced their awakening moments and part of their day feeling haunted by a uncomfortable dream. Developing a feeling of choice on how to express this dream assist individuals to move away from fear and more towards curiosity and acceptance. Personal understanding and definition of these nightmares can be explored to give clarification of one's journey.

Extending the Dream
With the use of art materials and verbal exploration the dream will evolve. When your dream is validated and allowed to continue forgotten parts of it are sometimes remembered with a new understanding. Recognizing your can interact with the dream and help guide your future ones can be empowering, The dream did not just happen to you but rather came to you for personal reasons that need to be explored. Connecting with your dreams emerge as you shift into a more receptive and freer state of sleep and awareness. Your dream does not become a judgment but rather a powerful tool for wisdom and personal guidance.
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