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Discovering one's identity can be complex. Learning how to self accept one's identity, sexual preference, sexuality conflicts, intimacy and understanding of onešs alternative lifestyle can relieve fear, anxiety and can lead to courage, personal pride and empowerment. Having sexual problems can be embarrassing to talk about, sexual dissatisfaction and sexual dysfunction are very common problems. Learning how to feel comfortable with your self and expression of your discomfort is the beginning of your personal healing process.

Many people experience of feeling different, not fitting into a defined way of living. This includes individuals who may experience identity choices of gay/lesbian/transgender along with those who are highly creative working in the entertainment field. Understanding who you are, what you have to offer to yourself, others and society is often the catalyst of alleviating symptons of discomfort and emotional issues. Discovering that you have a talent that needs to be brought forth and embraced can lead you to a fuller life. Are you meant to be a designer, musician, actor, artist, creative writer, etc., and you have pushed away those dreams and thoughts? By discovering and becoming comfortable with you are meant to be will bring great satisfaction and a secure identity.